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Master in Neuromarketing

If you want to become an expert in neuromarketing, it does not matter if you live in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile or any other country: our Master in Neuromarketing is 100% online, with fully adapted schedules.

Its contents are designed by our professors, professionals with decades of experience in the best Universities, such as the UNiversidad Complutense de Madrid or Carlos III.

Our learning system is totally practical, so we send each student's home, no matter where they live in the world, the following neuromarketing devices, so they can learn and practice researching:

-Online Eye Tracking

-Eyetracker analysis software with delimitation of fixations, heatmaps, saccadas and areas of interest.

-Galvanic Skin Response. Neulog skin conductance measuring device

-Heartrate Neulog heart rate measuring device

-Neulog USB module for GSR and Heartrate data storage

-GSR- Heartrate analysis software

-Electroencephalogram Emotiv insight


Mikel was our teacher in the summer course at the Complutense University. He came up with his «toys», as he calls them, broke all our schemes of how the brain works, and then we plugged in the gadgets and measured our emotions, it was great! He showed a picture of an idyllic beach to a Peruvian girl and by the outcomes, he suggested that it aroused negative emotions in her … and it turns out that she hated beaches! Spectacular.

María G. Suárez

Great professional, full of knowledge about this new techniques that I am sure will give a lot to talk about in the near future.

Mikel, in addition, is an honest close person who manages to transmit with astonishing ease.

Highly recommend this training.

Carlos Bernuz

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Neuromarketing Consulting

If you want to find out what your customer or target audience feels about your product, price, communication, or any marketing-related variable, we will assist you in designing and executing the appropriate research to obtain consumer insights and information the information that your business needs.

Neuromarketing Training

We have courses with a variable duration from hours to weeks and always focused on the practical application of the subject, carrying out exercises and practical applications through the use of neuroscience devices for market research.