"The companies that succeed in the near future will be those that understand
the human brain and make sure they satisfy it"

Mikel Alonso belongs to the Top 100 speakers’ list of Thinking Heads for the best speakers in Spain
My purpose: ``To help understanding people's behavior and emotions through neuroscience, aiming to satisfy them and make them happy``


Researcher, writer, lecturer and PhD in Neuroscience Applied to Marketing at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), he has given lectures in multiple companies, including a Smart talk for Banco Santander in January 2020, and has been included in the TOP 100 Speakers catalog of Thinking Heads 2020. Associate professor for more than 25 years at the UCM, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and ESIC, he is the Director and Founder of Neuromarketing School®, a consulting and training company in neuromarketing, has developed the BRAINTERPRETER® brain research solution, and has more than 20 years of experience helping companies to do research through the application of neuroscience techniques. He is the Director of the online Master in Neuromarketing at Neuromarketing School®.

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