"The companies that succeed in the near future will be those that understand
the human brain and make sure they satisfy it"

Mikel Alonso belongs to the Top 100 speakers’ list of Thinking Heads for the best speakers in Spain
My purpose: ``To help understanding people's behavior and emotions through neuroscience, aiming to satisfy them and make them happy``


PhD UCM with doctoral thesis with honors, specialist in neuroscience applied to behavior and emotions, he is a researcher, writer and lecturer, included in the Thinking Heads TOP 100 Speakers catalog. Professor for more than 25 years at UCM, UC3M, UNED, UEuropea and ESIC, he has dozens of research articles in scientific journals, as well as international conferences and published books.

Accredited as Contracted Doctor Professor and Private University Professor by ANECA, Ministry of Universities of Spain.

CEO Brain Data Company, a company specialised in human behaviour and neuroscience, with a focus on neuromarketing, personal help and development, HR, and application of neuroscience in sports and high performance: www.braindatasports.com/en. www.brainterpreter.com, www.neuromarketingschool.com.

Coach, specialist in Ericksonian hypnosis. Freemind method creator.

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