He has been invited to several companies as speaker, including a Smart talk for Banco Santander in January 2020, and has been included in the TOP 100 Speakers list of Thinking Heads Spain 2020.

In all the presentations neuroscience devices will be used to show the audience the importance of obtaining information about the emotions and the brain: Electroencephalogram, eye tracker, galvanic skin response and heart rate.

Main conferences of Mikel Alonso:

  • The Next Business Revolution: Neuroscience, Brain, and Consumer.

The latest discoveries about the brain represent a disruptive change in business management, as well as in the relationship of companies with their customers. How to obtain appropriate information and understand the functioning of emotions and reason?

  • Neuromarketing at the sales point: Facilitating the brain’s choice.

The great competition that exists in the linear implies developing appropriate strategies to capture the brain’s attention. What stimuli are appropriate?

  • Neurosales, persuade the brain speaking in its own language.

How to develop persuasion techniques adapted to the way of reasoning, feeling and processing information from the brain.

  • Neuromarketing in the entertainment sector: you don’t play with your brain.

In audiovisual production, such as video games, it is necessary to understand what the brain of the target audience wants, to consider it in the development of content and ensure its satisfaction. How do you know if a TV series, song or video game is going to work before its launch?

  • Neuromarketing and tourism: the brain always travels first class. 

Neuromarketing techniques have been revolutionary in the tourism sector market research . What does our brain expect when it travels?

  • Neuromarketing and automotive: The brain works at full throttle

What stimuli does the brain value when driving? How to investigate consumer emotions appropriately in the automotive sector?

  • Tailor-made conference applying Neuromarketing to the customer service sector.